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Kessler Parallax (for 3' CineSlider)

  • Parallax (for 3' CineSlider)

The Kessler Parallax system, with it's patent pending design, provides automatic panning and fixed-point shooting capabilities to the Kessler line of sliders. Previously only capable with motorized panning devices, Kessler Parallax accomplishes inward and outward panning shots, providing users a second axis to their linear movements. The Kessler Parallax’s non-intrusive design allows users to choose between automatic panning or standard linear sliding without removing the Parallax bar.

Kessler Parallax does not require specific measurement calibration and does not have a fixed subject distance requirement to accomplish 2 axis panning and fixed-point linear sliding shots. Capable of manual or motorized control.

(*To mount Parallax + Slider to the Hercules 2.0 Head, a Kwik Release with Slider plate is required.
*To transport Parallax + Slider in a case without disassembling, the Parallax Soft Case is required.)

3' CineSlider version also compatible with CineSlider Traveler.

3' / Standard Compatibility:
(38.25") Pocket Dolly v2.0 BASIC
(39.5") Pocket Dolly v2.0
(40.5") Stealth Slider
(41.5") Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly
(40.5") CineSlider
(40.5") Stealth Carbon
(41.5") Philip Bloom Carbon

Motion Control :
Use the Parallax with any of our motion control systems for an extra automatic panning axis.

Parallax & Travel Pan Moves :
Add a unique Parallax effect or Travel Pan move for sweeping landscapes or interiors to separate your slides from the competition.

Non-Intrusive :
When installed on your slider, the Parallax does not hinder you from doing a normal linear move, just zero out the system and you're all set.

Not compatible with the 5' CineSlider or 1st Generation CineSliders.
2nd Generation CineSlider cross braces must be 1.5" wide.

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