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Profoto Giant Reflector 180

Delivered with: Stand attachment, Two different extension poles, Lamp holder, Transport ba

Profoto Giant Reflector 180




Profoto Giant Reflector 180

  • Giant Reflector 180

All Profoto Giant Reflectors are impressive and extremely flexible light shaping tools. They come in sizes 300, 240 and 180 cm and all offer extra deep, truly parabolic reflectors with 20 rods, for optimal precision and light output. Two poles of different length allow the focussing of the used flash head in four positions, fine adjustment is possible by moving the head inside the lamp holder. The Giant Reflectors also feature the new Powerfold technology, for easy one-person assembly.

The Giant Reflectors 180, 240, and 300 all feature the sought-after deep parabolic shape, for true parallel light output. To that, the reflectors are made out of 20 sections, more than twice that of the former models. The result? Brighter and more evenly lit motives, plus a substantial gain in precision when you are shaping the light.

The Profoto Giant’s are all built for hard use during intense photography sessions. The most advanced three, the Giant Reflectors, are specifically designed with the extreme around the clock use at rental studios in mind. Among other things, the Giant Reflectors use materials such as spring steel, stainless steel and leather, and are equipped with extra reinforcements such as protection covers on rod ends and other places heavily exposed to wear and tear.

It is possible to hinge down the back of the centre pole to safe space in the studio.
Optional -1/3 and -1 f-stop diffusers allow further light adjustments.

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