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Profoto HR Softbox 1.5 x 3.5' RF-a

  • HR Softbox  1.5 x 3.5' RF-a

Profoto’s new asymmetric softboxes feature a unique construction. The light source is not positioned in the center as in a standard softbox, but in the first third of the back. This creates a one-sided light fall-off that allows for precise control of the light distribution. The feature is perfect for people- and fashion photography, where shaping the main light on the subject’s face is fundamental. It is also ideal for still life shoots, for which sophisticated highlight control is required.

The asymmetric softboxes are made of a heat resistant material. They can be used with all existing Profoto flash heads and continuous light sources, including the monolights, the Pro- and Acute heads, and the new line of continuous lights – ProDaylight 800 Air and ProTungsten Air.

The asymmetric softboxes use the same speedring as all other Profoto softboxes. A recessed front surrounded by Velcro makes it possible to mount optional accessories such as grids and masks, and an included counter weight ensures a stable position for horizontal use.

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